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- Our Story -

The Davi Family, a family with a shared passion for food. 
Federico, the owner, started his journey a long time ago in Italy.
A man that was taught from a young age to work hard. Working long hours along with his brothers to put food on the table for the family. When he was 18, he moved to America to better his life, and one day give his kids a better future. He started working at his cousins pizza shop saving money, along the road, meeting his beautiful wife, Rosalinda. Those two together worked hard in hopes of one day opening their own pizza shop. When opportunity sprung, they purchased their first business, Pina's Pizza, now known as Laura's Pizza. Throughout the years Federico & Rosalinda worked 7 day weeks in hopes of expanding their business, along the way having two children, Laura & Vito.
Federico has a passion for cooking, he always dreamt of a restaurant that he could cook fancier authentic cuisine.
Growing up, his son Vito always wanted a higher end restaurant, he believed in his fathers skills in the kitchen. 
One day, their dream became a reality, May 19 2015, the family opened Villa Vito.
The restaurant that the father and son wanted all along.
A family owned restaurant with a family atmosphere & authentic Italian food.
Benvenuti a Villa Vito 
* * * 
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